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Year 2 Transfer to Junior School

At the end of Year 2 here at Trafalgar, our pupils move on to their Junior Schools. 

This is a significant time for the Trafalgar Community because we look forward to new beginnings and opportunities and prepare to say farewell to our fantastic Year 2 children! 


What we do Trafalgar to help with transition to Greenway.
* West Sussex Transition Day, current Year 2 pupils have the chance to go to Greenway for the day to meet with their new teacher and teaching staff and see the school.
* We invite Greenways Year 3 Teachers and Learning Support Staff to visit Trafalgar to read a story and meet the class.
* We invite Greenways Year 3 Teachers to come to Trafalgar to see Year 2 learning in their current class.
* We invite current Year 3 pupils and staff at Greenway to come to Trafalgar to meet Year 2 pupils in a friendly space so they can ask them questions about Greenway and maybe remember some familiar faces.