Mental Health and Well-Being

At Trafalgar, we recognise that looking after the mental health and well-being of our school community is a crucial part of our everyday practice.

If you, or anyone in your family need support at anytime, then we can help. Please don't hesitate to speak, in confidence, with Miss Hickie, our Mental Health Lead and Headteacher on 01403 254925 or email office@trafalgarinfant.com

You may also find the following resources useful.


We want to continue building a school which is a positive, safe, healthy and happy place to learn, play and work, and where everyone can grow to their full potential and find their place within the school community. This is our commitment to wellbeing for all.

Wellbeing strategy  

In the aftermath of the COVID pandemic where the wellbeing of pupils and staff took centre stage, the Governing Body at Trafalgar Infant School decided to develop a “wellbeing strategy” to ensure wellbeing measures are delivered consistently across the whole school community to support both the learning of children and their enjoyment at the school. The wellbeing strategy also looks at wellbeing of staff and the governing board, so all can feel valued and included, and in turn, deliver their best possible outcomes to support the children. 

The wellbeing strategy follows these steps:

  1.     Establish what wellbeing looks like at the school.
  2.     Carry out a “wellbeing audit” to establish what we’re already doing at the school to support the wellbeing of the children and staff, and communicate it to parents and staff so they feel better informed.
  3.     Assess whether what we’re doing in terms of wellbeing at the school is working and if there is anything we could be doing better. This was done by adding a wellbeing section to the parents survey, creating a pupils questionnaire to capture the views of the children (to be completed at  school), a staff survey and a governor survey.
  4.     If areas for improvements are identified via the surveys/questionnaires, decide which to prioritise depending on quality of outcomes, urgency, staff capacity, costs and potential funds available.
  5.     Share wellbeing priorities with parents and staff
  6.     Update parents and staff regularly on the progress of the wellbeing priorities’ delivery.


What wellbeing at Trafalgar Infant School looks like

Our Governors in charge of Wellbeing have come up with this graphic to sum up what constitutes wellbeing for all at the school. Please see PDF document below.