Our Governing Body

All schools in the country have a Governing Body to help to make sure that the community the school serves is involved in deciding the best way forward for the school. The governors have a legal duty to help to promote the highest standards of achievement for the children of our community. This explains why there are different types of governors on the Trafalgar Governing Body:

  • 4 x parent governors elected for 4 years by the parent body
  • 1 x staff governor elected for 4 years by the school's staff 
  • the Headteacher
  • 1 x Local Authority governors chosen by West Sussex as the education authority
  • 6 x Co-opted Governors chosen by the governing body itself
The governors work closely with the Headteacher, who is appointed by the governors, and other school leaders, to set the direction in which the school will develop. We are committed to the continuous improvement of the quality of education our pupils receive and we support and monitor the tremendous efforts our staff make to provide for the needs of all the children. We also oversee the financial performance of the school making sure its money is well spent.

Many of our duties and responsibilities are set down in law and cover a wide range of topics from health and safety to the budget to the curriculum. We carry out these duties in several ways. The full governing body meets every half term, though a lot of our work is carried out in 2 committees, which meet regularly:

  • Pupil Progress and Curriculum (once a term)
  • Assets and Resources (twice a term)
At these meetings we may receive reports from staff, or review policies or decide how to address issues and meet needs.

Governors are also involved in appointing staff and visit the school on many occasions spending time with the children and the staff to see the school in operation. Governors also link to important aspects of the work of the school such as Maths, English, Most Able and Talented, inclusion, safeguarding and health and safety. Some governors volunteer to help in school, for example, in reading groups. The Chair also meets regularly with the Headteacher for discussion.

All our governors are unpaid volunteers and no formal qualifications are needed to become one. It is, however, a rewarding experience to be involved in the 'voyage of discovery' here at Trafalgar.