Our School Vision and Core Values

Our Vision: Through an inclusive and safe learning environment, all are supported to achieve their potential.

Our Core Values: Our Trafalgar Core Values were written with the children, governors, staff and parents/carers. They are displayed around our school and are referred to frequently so that we live and breathe them. They link with our fundamental British values of democracy, individual liberty and respect for those others with different faiths, beliefs and lifestyles.

Children are expected to be respectful and behave in a way that allows learning to flourish throughout the school. We recognise that the development of a positive and therapeutic approach towards behaviour, that is conducive to learning is a partnership between home and school.  We encourage behaviour for learning by acknowledging it in many ways. Each class learns about the characteristics of learning through our ‘Growth garden’ characters.

Each character represents a different learning behaviour. 

Terry the Tortoise: Keep on Learning

Hoot the Owl: Concentration

Happy the Hamster: Have a Go

Claws the Cat: Curiosity

Darwin the Dog: Don’t Give Up

Star the Unicorn: Use your Imagination

Gerry the Giraffe: Keep Improving

Curly The Ladybird: Co-operation

We encourage the children, using these growth mind-set characters to display positive learning behaviours and these are celebrated in assemblies on a Friday. Children who have been spotted being helpful, considerate, hardworking, or especially kind are nominated for a ‘Wise Monkey’ award in assembly on Fridays.

School Development

We are continually seeking ways to improve our school. In 2022-23 our school development priorities are:

* To ensure that we have constructed a curriculum that is ambitious, coherently planned and sequenced and meets the needs of all pupils, in particular the most disadvantages and those with SEND needs.

* To develop effective subject leadership capacity for all teachers.
* To improve Phonic outcomes and to ensure that writing outcomes are in line with or better than National outcomes. 
* To continue to introduce and adapt a therapeutic behaviour approach through further training and support.