School Uniform

Trafalgar Community Infant School Uniform

Our uniform policy sets out our approach to requiring a uniform that is of reasonable cost and offers the best value for money for parents and carers. In our policy, we explain how we will avoid discrimination in line with our legal duties under the Equality Act 2010. Please click on the link to read the full policy.

Below are the uniform requirements from our policy. Although we stock uniform with the Trafalgar badge at the school office, there is no obligation to purchase our branded items. Second hand uniform sales happen throughout the year, run by our Friends of Trafalgar School Parent’s Association. There are also various uniform outlets and local supermarkets in the area, if you wish to purchase items elsewhere.


Trafalgar Community Infant School Uniform requirements: 

  Grey trousers, skirt, shorts or pinafore dress

  White shirt with collar or white polo shirt

  Dark green sweatshirt or jumper

  Dark green, navy, grey or black socks. In winter, dark green, navy, grey or black tights are optional

  In summer a green and white checked dress is optional

  A waterproof coat

  A sun cap

  A green book bag


  Black, brown or navy shoes in a suitable style (e.g. no open toed sandals)

PE kit

  Dark Green or black shorts, white t shirt, dark green, navy, grey or black tracksuit bottoms

  Trainers or plimsolls with Velcro or elastic unless the child can tie laces independently

  A named P.E. bag which can be kept in school

Hair and Jewellery

  Longer hair should be kept tied back, away from the face. Jewellery should not be worn. Earrings should be studs only and should be taken out for P.E. days. If earrings cannot be removed, they must be taped over with medical tape by parents on P.E. days.