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Clubs & Wrap Around Care

School Clubs
Before School Clubs:
Rhythm Masters 
Children have an exciting opportunity to improve their music
making through drumming, beatboxing, body beats and rapping
rhyming books and poetry.
Multi Sports
This will be a fun, high energy, session covering Fundamental Movement Skills. To include, running, dodging, jumping, hopping, balancing, rolling, throwing, catching, dribbling. striking. Each session will consist of a warm up game followed by 3 or 4 activities with a key focus each week that challenges the children to work independently, in a pair or as part of a group. 
Spanish Club
A fun, interactive club to learn Spanish through song.
After School Clubs:
Kicks Dance
At ‘Kicks’ we believe dance is a great way to develop self-confidence in your
little people, who then grow into confident adults. What better way to
have fun, gain in self esteem and get fit at the same time?
Art Club
We are passionate about art and how it inspires children to use and apply their fantastic imaginations. Together, we will be exploring a range of media and techniques following different themes such as ‘By the Seaside’. All materials and equipment will be provided including aprons, however you may want to bring in old clothes for them to change into.
Science Club
Our club is to inspire children to gain an interest into the Sciences. Our Workshops are a mixture of exciting demonstrations and hands-on experiments and tasks.
Football Club
A club normally ran in our Summer Term.
Wrap Around Care
A local wrap around care provider called Rainbow Club, offers before and after school care for children in our school. For more information please see their website, and contact them directly on 01903 785774.