It is our intention to develop our children’s love for learning through the Science curriculum. We aim to develop creative learners with imaginations that are ignited through exploration and curiosity within our ‘hands-on’ and engaging science curriculum. We aspire for our children to perceive themselves as future scientists, to have ambition with no limitations. Our study of real-life scientists ensures that our children have a diverse range of positive role models to aspire to, and a purpose for their learning. Children from all cultures, genders and ethnicities are able to see themselves represented as scientists. 


Our science curriculum provides children with a range of first hand engaging and stimulating experiences. Science is memorable and fosters a thirst for knowledge and a deeper understanding of the skills essential to the subject. Whilst knowledge is important we are aware that we are growing the scientists of the future, preparing our children to question, investigate and analyse a world we know nothing about.

Our outdoor learning environment is a huge strength within the implementation of the science curriculum and children regularly access the range of habitats within our grounds to support and extend their skills and understanding.

Working Scientifically

Our aim is that through our Science curriculum children will have the opportunity to pursue their own curiosities and to develop their skills and understanding. To develop:

·         an enjoyment of science based activities

·         an enquiring and caring attitude to life

·         the ability to carry out and observe simple experiments

·         the ability to find relevant information using reference books and online resources

·         the ability to interpret and to communicate findings: through speech, drawing, writing, graphs and charts