History is taught through exploration and discovery at Trafalgar Community Infant School.


We focus on learning historical skills and vocabulary as well as about the people and events of the past. We begin the children’s history journey by building their understanding of the past within their own lives before exploring it within the wider context of the World. The children explore significant people such as ‘Mary Anning’ as well as events from the recent and more distant past including ‘The Great Fire of London’; enabling their reflection on the impact that these people/ events have on the World as it is today. We ensure that the significant individuals we learn about are from a variety of cultures and ethnicities to represent our diverse community and ethos. We want all children to see themselves represented within their history learning at Trafalgar School.


We engage pupils by giving them access to visits, artefacts, and role-play which enables them to gain an understanding of the past and its influence on modern times. Through learning about the past children develop a bank of skills and a progression of historical knowledge that they take with them as they progress through the school.