Geographers ask and explore questions about place therefore, geography is taught through exploring, observing and discovery at Trafalgar Community Infant School in order to give pupils the skills needed to become lifelong geographers.


We aim to inspire in pupils a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people that will remain with them. With a strong focus on knowledge and a clear progression of key skills and vocabulary, we aim to support all children’s understanding of the world as well as the development of the skills needed to inform and shape their geography learning as they progress.


Geographical learning and participating in field work around the school is crucial for children to develop the skills and knowledge needed to continue to investigate the world around them. Working collaboratively when we investigate geography ensures that we practise working together to solve any problems we encounter and listen to the opinions of others. We take care of our school grounds, as well as our wider Trafalgar Community area and understand the important of persevering nature.


From exploring and observing our local environment to the wider world, we apply our overarching themes of; respecting our environment, celebrating similarities and differences, showing curiosity about news places and cultures and sharing our own experiences.