Hot Lunches


All children at our school are entitled to a free hot lunch each day. This is known as a UIFSM (Universal Infant Free School Meal) and are provided by a local company called The Easy Lunch Company. You can find out more information about The Easy Lunch Company by visiting their website https://theeasylunchcompany.co.uk.


The Easy Lunch Company cook their meals fresh each morning, and deliver them to our school in time for lunch. There is a meat or vegetarian option each day, as well as a choice of pudding, and a choice of milk or water. The Easy Lunch Company are able to cater for special dietary requirements if known in advance.  


Should you wish for your child to receive a free hot meal each day then please inform our School Office. At Trafalgar, we ask for parents/carers to choose to either provide their own packed lunch for their child each day, or to register their child for a UIFSM. Unfortunately you are not able to provide a packed lunch on some days each week, and then have a UIFSM on the other days, as the hot meals have to be ordered in advance.