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Road Safety

At Trafalgar, we are committed to helping children to stay safe on our roads. We teach about road safety as part of our curriculum, and in assembly. We do however rely on parents/carers and our local community to help us to keep the children safe. You can do this by parking safely before and after school (please never park on the double yellow lines, block driveways, or park on corners).


If you see any anti-social driving, speeding, thoughtless driving/parking etc. then please report this directly to Operation Crackdown at or call 01243 642 222. Reporting your concerns only takes a few minutes. Operation Crackdown is a multi-agency partnership working together to make the roads safer, and includes many organisations such as Sussex Police, West Sussex County Council, the DVLA and local residents.

We have leaflets from Operation Crackdown on the shelves near our school office, so alternatively you can come and pick up a leaflet.