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Learning Council

At Trafalgar Community Infant School we have a Learning Council. All our children were invited to write a letter of application to Miss Green explaining why they wanted to be on our Learning Council, and what skills and interests they had that would make them a valuable member of our group. A copy of these letters, Agendas and Minutes of our meetings, and our research, is available in the Learning Council folder near the main entrance of the school. The Minutes are also available below. Please note however, that due to Covid lockdown, the work of the Learning Council is currently on hold. 

The Learning Council meets with Miss Green (Co-Headteacher) each half term.  You will know who they are as they wear a very important ‘Learning Council’ badge!

Our aim is to identify how we can make learning even better at our school. We do this by conducting research in our school, and in other schools in our locality. We then decide how we can share our findings with our school community, so we are really having an impact on improving the learning that happens here at Trafalgar Community Infant School. In the past, we have visited a local Infant School and really loved how they developed through their Forest School experience and Sensory Garden. We shared our findings with the whole school in assembly, with our governors in a governor meeting, and with our parents/carers through the newsletter. As a result, we now provide a Forest School experience for all children in Year 2, and have also designed a sensory garden to play and learn through. 


25.03.2022 'Our Learning Council' this week carried out research around our school, to see how we learn. They will then be visiting another local school to compare how they learn, to share ideas and to learn from others. Our mission is to make the learning even better here at Trafalgar! 

08.04.2022 Our Learning Council enjoyed their visit to Greenway Academy on Friday 8th March, where they carried out research to find out how the children learn there. This has given them ideas about how we can make the learning even better at Trafalgar.