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One of the prime objectives of our school is to take our children on a journey where they move from learning to read, towards reading to learn and reading for pleasure. We do this using the Song of Sounds programme, which describes itself as ‘a dynamic, hands-on programme that puts the fun back into phonics’ (Please click here to visit their website for further information: ).


The literacy programme begins in the Reception class, and builds throughout their time at Trafalgar. The children are taught using a synthetic phonics scheme, a method that lies at the heart of the government’s education policy for children of primary school age. The aim is for children to quickly recognise graphemes and phonemes in a simplified phonetic code. We teach the children to blend sounds together in order to decode (read) and encode (spell) simple words quickly.




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Reading is intrinsically linked with phonics as reading engagement is not possible if children struggle with the basic mechanics of reading.

Through careful teaching and frequent practice, we enable our children to develop reading fluency and an enjoyment of reading. 

At Trafalgar, our pupils ‘bounce into reading’ in a variety of ways, including: daily story time with their classroom adult/teacher, whole-class shared reading time, individual and small-group reading with a classroom adult/teacher, school-library time in our physical library and on our digital library platform, and through sharing books from school with their adult(s) at home.

Scholastic Book Fair

We are delighted to be able to hold a Book Fair this year. The Book Fair will be held in the school hall on Monday 14th, Tuesday 15th and Thursday 17th March3:20pm-4pm.

You can browse the available books online or in person at the book fair.

When visiting our book fair we would recommend that you wear a mask whilst inside the school building.

How to Pay

If you are visiting the book fair in person, you can pay cash on the day or online by scanning the QR codes which will be posted up around the hall. When you scan the QR code with your phone, you will be taken to the payment page and will need to select our school. You will then be able to make payment and show the receipt to the adults working at the fair, before taking home your books.

If you are going to use your world book day voucher towards your book, you will need to hand this into the school when paying.

If you cannot attend the book fair in person but would like to buy books you can complete the attached wish list sheet and pay online at home. You will then need to hand in your wish list sheet to school and we will order these books for you or take them from the book fair shelves at the end of the week if they are still available. Further information and details of how to pay online is on the Wish List sheet.

We look forward to seeing you next week at the Book Fair.

Trafalgar Infant School




Our aim is to help pupils enjoy learning and developing their writing, with a sense of achievement and pride. At Trafalgar, our pupils experience pride in the presentation of their work, and their own writing creations are celebrated.

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